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Last Updated: Monday, 09 June 2014

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Logo GoSAGeocaching is a high-tech game played all over the world by anyone who has a GPS or GPS enabled smartphone, locating hidden containers, signing the logsheet inside and then logging his/her experience online at "".

There are more than 9000 geocaches hidden around South Africa and there are more than 1500 teams of geocachers (the folk doing the finding and hiding).

Geocachers of South Africa is a Voluntary Association not for gain, operated by its members as a club aimed at promoting the wonderful sport of Geocaching.

South Africa's 2nd MEGA Event will be taking place in Durban from 4 to 6 October 2014. Since it has been a while when we last had a Mega Event and since the new Mega is more than 500Km away from where the first one took place, we need to prove ourselves again!  Please POST a WILL ATTEND log on the Event Listing at: